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Depart: Pegasus Ice Runway, Antarctica ~ February 25, 2006
Arrive: Boulder, Colorado - May 27, 2006

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Realized today that over the last 3 years I've slept in something like 250-300 different places, think that might be why it seems so weird to stay within a 10 mile radius of McMurdo for 4 months so far (one exception - I went out to Darwin Glacier for a day, which is something like 150 miles from here, but was back around dinnertime.)

The New Zealand trip is about as planned out as I'm expecting it to be before I get back there, all that remains is figuring out what's going to happen with this fuelie party and where/when I'll meet up with Goldberry. Might also be a friend or two from the ice or other places joining in as well. In any case, I'd rather be a bit spontaneous and not plan out too much stuff in advance since it's a rather civilized country with lots and lots of interesting options for things to do - why plan? Think this travelling thing is a chronic affliction though, so I've been playing the "what's next?" game in my head lately.

Got an email from my friend Morph the other day that touched on a trip we discussed a little bit about a year ago. The basic idea was to paddle from somewhere on the Peace River to the Slave River, through Great Slave Lake, to the Mackenzie River, then from there to the Beaufort Sea, which is part of the Arctic Ocean. Of course, the trip goes through the middle of nowhere and ends up above the arcic circle, so you still have to get back to civilization! We'd end up near the town of Inuvik, from whence we could head back to civilization by way of the Dempster Highway. It would be a rather long paddling trip through some really remote country, but sounds like a nifty adventure to me! One of the really cool parts is that, unlike dozens of other trips I'd like to go on, I don't think it would conflict with going to school schedule wise. It's fun to daydream!


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