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Depart: Pegasus Ice Runway, Antarctica ~ February 25, 2006
Arrive: Boulder, Colorado - May 27, 2006

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Once again I find myself sitting in an airport terminal waiting around for a flight, this time I'm in Lexington, headed to Charlotte, but if I didn't know better I could be pretty much anywhere in the developed world. A fuzzy memory and a little addition says this will be the 15th flight I've caught in the last year or so, no wonder I feel at home here in the corner pecking away at a laptop keyboard with the cellphone set to vibrate and the headphones playing bootlegged Pearl Jam. Don't really want to do it, but the voices in my head coerced me into volunteering to get bumped off this flight if it's overbooked. I'd give an awful lot right now for some time off and a comfortable bed, but a stack of travel vouchers might be nice to have later this summer.

Looking forward to getting started with this WFR class that I'll be starting in about two weeks. It's something I've wanted to do for several years now, but haven't had the time, money, and class availability until now. Don't really know why I, as an engineering major, really need to spend a significant amount of money on a first aid class and certification, but that little voice might be able to tell you more. Whatever the motivation, a WFR cert will definitely make my resume look a little better, and a bit of good first aid training couldn't hurt either. Not quite as excited about the idea of looking for a new job or a place to stay in Boulder, but I suppose it's the next logical step. It'll be nice to have a place to call my own again though, just hoping that the searching process goes quickly and smoothly. Hopefully, by getting back into Boulder sometime soon after the spring semester has let off, I'll be in a good position to get a good housing situation at a relatively low price.

Cutting corners?

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